2019 Date of Event – This year’s tournament will take place Friday May  3 and Saturday May 4, 2019.


This. Is. It. All your efforts to build a team, draft a hockey legend and fundraise to help Baycrest “Stick it to Alzheimer’sTM”have led you to the ice at Scotiabank Pond at Downsview Park. Now… it’s GAME TIME!


Here’s how it works:

  • Over the course of 48 hours, each team will play three games
  • The Top 2 fundraising teams will play the Championship Game
  • An All-Star Game featuring the Top 20 fundraising players and Top 2 fundraising Goalies will be held.
  • You will realize that your hockey skills are completely inadequate when compared to the Pros on your team and on the opposing teams. This won’t matter, because you’ll be grinning ear-to-ear just being on the ice with these legends. Way to go!


Note: Team Schedules for the tournament will be determined closer to Tournament Weekend.


And, oh yeah, there’s a whole bunch of SWAG coming your way! Plus, food and drinks will be provided in each customized dressing room, bag valets will help shuttle your gear from the front door to your dressing rooms (you bunch of lazy amateurs), RMTs are on-site to help you “recover” after you pull a muscle deking yourself out on that easy breakaway, or after Clarky grazes your shoulder when he flies by you on the rush.


As if that wasn’t enough, you realize you’ve just experienced the weekend of a lifetime, making  memories with your buddies all while helping Baycrest “Stick it to Alzheimer’s!™”